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Aikido Cardiff - Memorial Course
  • Who can train?
    Our instructors are passionate about creating a safe, welcoming and supportive dojo. Providing a positive learning environment is the only way we can help you get the best out of your training. As long as you're aged 11 and over, you're welcome to train with us. We are strongly committed to celebrating equality and diversity. You can train safe in the knowledge that our club operates a zero-tolerance policy on prejudice and discrimination.
  • How much does training cost?
    PAYG Mat Fees: ​ Adults: £5.00 per session Students: £3.00 per session Juniors (under 18): £3.00 per session ​ Once you have decided to stick with us, our regular training costs are (payment by a discounted Standing Order): ​ Adults: £35.00 per month Students: £20.00 per month Juniors: £20.00 per month Parent and Child Deal: £50.00 per month plus ​ Individual Annual Membership and Insurance costs are: ​ Adults: £22.00 per year Students: £12 per year Juniors: £10.00 per year
  • When and where?
    Fri: 8pm - 9:30pm Morganstown Village Hall, Heol Syr Lewis, Cardiff, CF15 8LE Please arrive 15mins early to help set up
  • What to wear?
    If it's your first time with us, just turn up in some loose fitting clothes. Please remove all jewellery and piercings to keep yourself safe. When you decide to stick with us you will need to grab yourself a 'gi'. This includes a white jacket, a pair of white trousers and a white belt. We would recommend a heavyweight gi from Nine Circles UK. ​ Don't worry if you're unsure about which one to get, our instructors will happily point you in the right direction.
  • How old do you have to be to train?
    You can practice with us safely if you're aged 11 and above. If you are younger than this then we recommend looking for a club that can accommodate you. You can use the BAB club directory to find a club in your area.
  • Train with weapons?
    Whether its armed or unarmed practice, all of our training relates back to weapon work. In general, we focus our training on the Jo (Spear), Bokken (Sword) and Tanto (Knife). ​ If it's your first time or you are relatively new don't worry about bringing weapons with you, the club has plenty spare. If you do want to buy a set speak to our instructors first. We recommend buying a set of oak weapons from Nine Circles UK.​
  • Do you have to be fit?
    Aikido is great way to develop your core and improve your overall general fitness. It is suitable for everybody, so there is no need to worry about being super strong, fast and fit. Our instructors will train with you at your own pace. ​ If you find that you might be a little worried, then we would encourage you to seek medical advice from your GP before starting.
  • When are gradings?
    Gradings are an important part of your training and as a general rule opportunities to grade happen every 6 months. ​ Gradings can be a little daunting for everyone, so our instructors will train you at your own pace and will only invite you grade when you're ready. Remember, it will be important to max out your practice and get those training hours in.
  • How long until I achieve black belt?
    Aikido is a long-term commitment. As a general rule, the very earliest you could be awarded a black belt is 5 years. ​ But all this means is that you have a good grasp of the foundations. Your first black belt is where your apprenticeship begins, where the more in-depth learning starts.
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