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Aiki on the beach!

What a cracking weekend! In fact, we'd go as far as saying it was our best annual course at Stackpole yet! Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to organise such a wonderful event.

The weather, the food and, of course, the aikido was brilliant. We managed to make the most of the sun and took our training outside - a bit of Aiki Jo in Estate's courtyard and a spot of Aiki Ken on the award-winning beach of Barafundle Bay!

In a shake up to our club calendar, this weekend marked the first time in a number of years that a Dan Grading Examination has been held away from Morganstown Village Hall. This was, of course, the main attraction!

And boy, what a show it was! Long story short (cutting out the blood, sweat and maybe a popped rib or two), Doug absolutely nailed his examination! Congratulations, a very well deserved black belt.

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